Almost Had A Hot Date…

I was supposed to start my love affair with the treadmill tonight…it didn’t happen, so we have an early morning date scheduled for tomorrow…

I had it in my mind that no matter how late I got in tonight, I was getting on the treadmill…but that’s what you think before an entire day travelling with and chasing two small children.  I had help from Eebee and BFF during the day, which helps more than most people can imagine.  Just knowing that an extra set of eyes (or two) is on them allows me to relax a little…

I had a good day, they had a good day, and both were SO ready for bed.  That’s the mark of a great day…two little boys who ask to go to bed.

I had a revelation tonight.  I am capable of things that I used to reserve for Almost Ex.  Whenever I came across something that I considered his domain, I would joke that this was why I was married…well, that’s not true anymore, is it?

First I had to get the treadmill loaded into the back of Bubba when we got back to Florida today…normally, I would just say I’m not good with stuff like that and let someone else handle it.  Not today…I saw exactly how it could fit…Eebee and I man-handled it in.  When I saw that it was too wobbly, I pulled out my bungee cords and figured out how to stabilize the thing so it didn’t fall on Sean…I figured driving down the interstate doing 30 mph wasn’t a real option…

Then I had to get the treadmill into the house…I backed Bubba into the driveway (which I never do because I think I suck at that)…then I got it out of Bubba (BY MYSELF, thank you very much!), and into the house…

I know that all sounds like small stuff, but tonight I was pumped…I walked around the house, all puffed up, practically strutting with satisfaction.  I killed a bug that flew into the house and was like, “Yeah, take THAT sucka!”  (Of course, I still won’t touch the damn thing…that’s what my Shop Vac is for…doesn’t everyone use their Shop Vac to pick up bugs?)

So, no hot date for me tonight…but it’s all good. I’ve got enough endorphins running through me to last a while.


About Michaela Mitchell

A few things come to mind easily when I think of myself - a mom, a friend, a daughter, a hard-worker. But there's so much more to me - and I just have to discover what it is.

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