The Story of Sean

Sean’s story is as different from Aidan’s story as night and day…quite like Sean and Aidan…they are polar opposites.  Is that because I’m a different mother with Sean than I ever was with Aidan? Is it just how it goes with children? Hell if I know…but these two are completely different, so it makes sense that their stories, are too…

Today is Sean’s 2nd birthday…and I don’t necessarily celebrate the fact that I managed to keep him alive, like I do with Aidan…Sean, poor baby, is the typical second child – not as many pictures, not as big a fuss made over him, and, thankfully, not as many mistakes made…

I planned for Sean…the way I plan for everything – every last detail considered with five contingency plans in place.  Sean is the reason my mother refers to me as Fertile Myrtle…five minutes after I stopped taking birth control I was pregnant…three weeks later none of my clothes fit…one contraction into labor and I was demanding the epidural…6 hours of labor, there he was…

Sean is an absolute joy (Aidan is my moody, emotional child)…Sean lights up a room with his easy-going smile…tantrums are rare but hellified…his vocabulary grows by the second…he’s social…he sleeps through the night…he eats whatever I feed him…he naps for 2 hours at a time…if you’d like to know Aidan as a baby, picture the EXACT opposite of all of that…The Ex, mistakenly, thought (hoped) conceiving Sean was going to be a long drawn out process…nope.  Done in less than a month…no fuss, no muss – just like Sean.

For 25% of Sean’s life, I’ve been split from his father…he knows his “Da-da” but it’ll never be quite like Aidan does…

I have actually had people (including some in my family) ask why I ever had Sean…well, obviously 2 years and 9 months ago, I wasn’t considering divorce (even though, apparently I should have been if my friends and family are any indication)…but none of that matters.  I can’t imagine my life without both of my boys. 

When Aidan is stormy, Sean is all sunshine…when Sean is angry, Aidan (if he’s not also angry) will do anything to bring his baby brother out of his bad mood…while Aidan is made completely out of PopTarts and chicken nuggets, Sean wants to eat whatever is on my plate…Aidan sleeps on his back with his hands behind his head, and Sean sleeps like me – curled up on his stomach, holding his pillow…

Sean adores, loves, CRAVES Thomas the Tank Engine…”Thomath, Thomath, my Thomath” is a familiar refrain in our house…the weekends are ruined if there isn’t a Thomas DVD playing (last weekend, thanks to Tropical Storm Lee preventing us from going to the library, was hell on earth with no Thomas DVD)…

Sean is my laid-back child…and I’m so grateful to have him and his big brother in my life.

About Michaela Mitchell

A few things come to mind easily when I think of myself - a mom, a friend, a daughter, a hard-worker. But there's so much more to me - and I just have to discover what it is.

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