Transforming Into…?

Ok, so I’ve been out of pocket for a few days…Thanksgiving was just ok…the days following were not my best…3 or 4 days with just the boys takes a toll…by Sunday, I was feeling like the worst mom ever…no patience, no tolerance, and screaming children…

And then the best thing happened…BBFF came to visit…I haven’t laid eyes on him since high school…he always has a calming effect on me when we talk on the phone or email…I didn’t expect the same effect when he was actually here, though…I should have…he had the same effect on the boys, too…well, or it was my 3 or 4 reminders to Aidan to be on his best behavior…

Pizza, ice cream, giggles from Sean, good behavior from Aidan…yeah, that’s the best thing ever…

And I turned into some shy girl who blushed…really?! What the hell was that about that??

My head has been pretty clear lately…not a lot of “issues” to deal with…well, none that I’m ready to address here…Not to jinx myself, but I think I might be finally getting to a steady, stable place in my head…

Yeah, The Ex still makes me crazy (was he really this dumb when we were married? did I really make all the decisions for him?)…I’m still not sure if I’m ready for any type of romantic commitment…I have plenty of moments where I feel like the worst mom ever…all typical stuff…

Am I finally getting the hang of this? Am I just adjusting to life? Was the move from the old house really that necessary? Where would I be (mentally) if I hadn’t moved?

I feel like I’m undergoing some sort of transformation…I just don’t know what the end result will be…


About Michaela Mitchell

A few things come to mind easily when I think of myself - a mom, a friend, a daughter, a hard-worker. But there's so much more to me - and I just have to discover what it is.

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  1. hahah i’m sorry but I think it’s cute you blushed.So glad your BBFF came to visit I wish mine would …well then again B is not as understanding about it.

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