I Am The Mom…

I was inspired to compile the following list after reading a few of my own Facebook posts about the boys…apparently, I’m developing quite a following of people who think the things I post about the boys are interesting…hmmm, ok..

I am the mom who will watch, dispassionately, as my child rolls on the floor screaming – even in public.

I am the mom who growls right back at the 2 year old who is learning what his voice can do – again even in public.

I am the mom who doesn’t have a problem with snacking before dinner – anything to keep the whining to a minimum while I cook dinner.

I am the mom who does NOT fight with my picky eater about his food choices – because no one wins that fight.

I am the mom who will let one of my children cry himself to sleep without an ounce of guilt.

I am the mom who enforces a strict bedtime for both boys – both for my own sanity AND their need for rest.

I am the mom who avoids the call from the daycare because I don’t want to be told I need to come get a sick child.

I am the mom who posts nearly every funny thing my children say and do to Facebook – because I have to tell SOMEBODY and because it will be great blackmail in a few years.

I am the mom who always forgets to take pictures of the big moments, the sweet moments, and the precious moments – but I never fail to get a picture of them sleeping.

I am the mom who offers the TV when the noise gets to be too much – early and often.

I am the mom who will let a child leave the house with no coat on in cold weather – that way, I win the argument about wearing a coat in cold weather the rest of the winter.

I am the mom who refuses to buy the Nintendo DS, cell phone, and any other gadget for a 6 year old – but I will buy a new pack of crayons, markers, or paper with my last dollar.

I am the mom who will physically pick up a screaming, thrashing child to make the point that you will do what I tell you to do.

I am the mom who freaks out just a little when both boys notice they have the same bits and pieces during bathtime – and begin to compare.

I am the mom who secretly smiles when the boys sing to Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas, Taio Cruz, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and anything else on the radio.

I am the mom who thinks cereal for dinner is a fine idea – Poptarts for dinner is sometimes ok, too.

So, I’m not winning Mother of the Year anytime soon…awards are over-rated anyway…I’m just trying to make sure they survive childhood and that I survive parenthood.


About Michaela Mitchell

A few things come to mind easily when I think of myself - a mom, a friend, a daughter, a hard-worker. But there's so much more to me - and I just have to discover what it is.

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  1. Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much.

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  2. Absolultey you would win mother of the year because….you’re doing everything you can to raise those boys and be happy AND healthy about it!!!Love you!!!!

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