Merry Christmas

While I’m writing this it’s still Christmas Eve…but Christmas is close…and while I should be asleep, I can’t sleep…

My mom and The Step are here tonight, and even though it’s strange to have someone here with me, it’s also very comforting…I knew after Thanksgiving my mother was not going to let me spend another holiday without family around…I had to admit to myself today that I’m isolated – whether self-imposed or not, I don’t know…

I was on edge waiting for them to get here today…and it was perfect…my mom came in, hugged the boys, and started baking…the irony is that my mother was the worst cook ever when I was a kid, but she’s great now…she made my house smell so good…and we did what we do best…we laughed our asses off – remembering her cooking experiments when I was younger…

The boys went to bed fairly easily…not sure how I got that lucky, but no complaints! I wasn’t able to do as much as I would have liked for Christmas, but thanks to my mom, the boys will have a great Christmas…and now the whole house is asleep – except for me…I’m wired…it could be all the cookies I’ve eaten…it could be the huge Diet Coke I drank tonight…it could be the excitement of Christmas…or it could be that I can’t stop thinking about how much has changed in one short year…and how I’m hoping for more changes in the year to come…

If someone had told me last Christmas that the next Christmas would have been like this – divorced, moved, and learning how to function as a single mom – I would have laughed…we often get complacent with our lives and forget how quickly things can change…until they do…now that I’ve been reminded of that, I can’t help but wondering what else is in store for me…I’m almost anticipating whatever changes are coming my way…I’ve survived the worst, and I need to believe that whatever comes next will only be better…

Merry Christmas to everyone who loves me…to everyone who finds me curious…to everyone who has the patience to make it through my ramblings…I love and appreciate you all…


About Michaela Mitchell

A few things come to mind easily when I think of myself - a mom, a friend, a daughter, a hard-worker. But there's so much more to me - and I just have to discover what it is.

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