The Adventures of the Benjamin Boys – The Past 24 Hours

It started last night – exactly 24 hours from the moment I started writing this…Sean, unknown to me, was coloring on himself, his sheets, and his pillows with not-Crayola markers…translation: doesn’t wash off easily…I discovered it at about 10pm…

At 6:15am, I heard Sean walking down the hall to my bedroom…normally he comes right on in…today he hesitated – he should have…he knew it wasn’t going to be good…the door creaked open…he peeked in…and I tried not to laugh…marker on his face, marker on his hands and arms, marker on his legs and feet…marker on his stomach!

I didn’t yell…I didn’t even frown…I just said, “Sean-Sean!”…the chin trembled, the lip pouted, and the tears started…instead of punishing, I was comforting…and cleaning…and then I realized something – I needed a picture…



Aidan had a skating field trip today…I picked him up this afternoon and asked, “How was the skating rink?”

Aidan: “Great!”

Me: “Are you getting better at skating?”

Aidan: “Heck no! But I had fun!”

Good attitude, dude…


Sitting at Subway in Wal-Mart, eating dinner, so not my plan tonight…they should be with their father…who couldn’t be bothered, I guess…Aidan wants attention – talking like a baby and refusing to sit, check…Sean is cranky – spilling his juice box, refusing to eat, taking food from my hand like he’s starving, check…

I refilled my Diet Coke before we leave and had only one thought…I wish Wal-Mart sold rum…


While on his skating field trip today, Aidan bought a fake moustache for 25 cents…he took it out of his pocket before his bath to show me…it looks like a flattened caterpillar…

He left it on the bookcase by bed…I had to move it…I didn’t want to touch it…it creeps me out…


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  1. ok so the Walmarts in AZ DO sell rum….I miss AZ Walmarts they also sell Jack. Sounds like another fun day in the land of single momhood! Tell Aiden I’d go skating with him anytime!Sorry their dad bailed….t’is the season 😦

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