Getting The Hang Of This Mom Thing

I’ve been a mom for 6 years, 11 months and 7 days…give or take…and I really feel like I’m just now starting to get the hang of it…

Aidan has been my picky eater since the day The Ex fed him spicy salsa…I think he was about 2…Aidan’s just like me about some stuff…get me once, ok, but not twice, damn it…after the surprise of salsa, he never willingly took new foods from either of us again…for a while, I was convinced he was made completely of PopTart and chicken nuggets…

And then Monday, something clicked…for both of us.

“Aidan, would you like to decide the dinner menu this week?”

“Heck yeah!  We’re having tacos tonight, right?”  Thank God, I’d already started cooking them!

He drew a chart, labeled the days of the week, and picked the main entrees.  I had him make a list of side dishes…and learned that my oldest likes pineapple…who knew?!  Guess what I’m buying this weekend at the grocery store…

Ok, so we’re only on the third night of this new menu, but other than getting him to eat all (or almost all) of his food, I haven’t had a single issue out of him…he’s even helped me prepare dinner…last night, he made the ranch dip for the baby carrots…tonight, he counted out the grapes for everyone…and he now understands the rule about dessert – eat all your dinner, and you can have some…and he’s decided that since dark chocolate is healthy (I have no clue who convinced him of that one…ha!), that we must have it for dessert every night…I think I can live with that…

We also now have Netflix…and both boys are addicted…Aidan watches on the laptop; Sean on the iPad…eventually I’ll get a Wii so we can stream it through the TV…I got nervous that the only thing they were going to do each night was watch Netflix…until I figured out a system…

When we come home, I start dinner, we eat, they get their baths, and then it’s time for TV…they get about an hour or so a night, and I don’t feel guilty…we do look a little odd, though, at night…Aidan’s watching Johnny Test (whatever that is) on the laptop; Sean’s watching Thomas (surprise, surprise!) on the iPad; and there I am in front of the TV doing Zumba…anyone with sensitive ears needs to stay away from us!  Our poor neighbors…

I feel like we’re slowly starting to find what works for us…but I’m realistic enough to know that this won’t last forever, and we’ll need to adjust again…I won’t ever call this easy, but it’s nice to feel like I know what I’m doing – at least some of the time…

About Michaela Mitchell

A few things come to mind easily when I think of myself - a mom, a friend, a daughter, a hard-worker. But there's so much more to me - and I just have to discover what it is.

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  1. THIS is AWESOME pure AWESOME. I am so proud of how much you have grown in the last year an so very proud to call you my friend!!!

  2. You’re doing a great job, and I love the routine – I’m also stealing the menu idea; our oldest is pretty good with dinner, but he really might get a kick out of it. 🙂

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