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The Importance of Music

Anyone who is a friend of mine on Facebook has probably noticed that I post a LOT of music…I love music, it makes me happy.  The right song can either convey my mood or change it altogether…and a great song can make me dance!

Sometimes, I feel like this:

Sometimes, like this:

The songs that make me want to get up and dance (without the aid of alcohol) are usually the ones that would make my mother ask, “Is this music or noise?”

And then there are those songs that just make me happy:

I love love LOVE to dance…in my living room…after the boys have gone to sleep…and no one can possibly see me.  Unless of course, I’ve had a couple of drinks…and then I’ll hit a dance floor and close the place down.  I think I’ve got music in my soul.  Too bad my singing sounds like I’m killing a cat.  I’ll stick with listening and dancing…

As much as I like to dance, though, my taste in music runs the gambit: Rodney Crowell, White Stripes, Michael Franti, Queen, Cowboy Mouth, the list goes on and on…

Music speaks to people (at least it speaks to me)…if you ever need to say something and don’t know how, try music.


Karma and Choices

Ever since I started this blog (yeah, I know it’s only been 3 days), I’m filled with ideas of what to write about next.

This morning, I was mentally writing this post while driving down the road…it was all sunshine and laughing babies – ok more like Pitbill and Black Eyed Peas – but you get my point.

This afternoon?  Not so much.

I was given a very clear reminder about Karma. Karma can be your friend…or your worst enemy.   

My philosophy in life is to do what’s right…even if, and especially when, it’s hard.  In recent weeks, I’ve done things that my family and close friends would say I’m crazy to do.  But my gut tells me it was the right thing to do.   

Being repaid today by being called selfish was hard to swallow.  And when an emergency came up and I was the only one with a solution and an offer to help, it was tempting to take the easy road, and say, “Oh hell no, asshole.”  But you do what’s right even when it’s hard…

By the end of the day, I certainly wasn’t thinking of sunshine and babies anymore…I was thinking about Karma.  Is my Karma good?  Is that why it feels like nothing too serious is happening?  Or am I just handling life better so what I would have once considered a crisis is no big deal?  Is it his negativity that’s holding him back?  Is it as simple as making the right choices? Does he just have bad Karma?

And then, like a little ray of light, I heard Aidan reading his new book (gotta love those money fairies that slip $5 in your backpack for the Book Fair), sounding out the words, and proclaiming it “his FAVORITE book.”  At that moment all those questions in my head seemed meaningless.  There are so many more important things in life…and they deserve to be celebrated.

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