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Oh Crap, The Versatile Blogger Award – Me??

I was shocked when I logged on tonight and saw that I had been nominated for a blogging award…how cool is that?!  I had that Sally Fields moment of, “You like me…you really like me!”

It always surprises me that people read my ramblings – and like it…so thanks to Victoria otherwise known as Vicki…the Northern Chicky for giving me this one!

I’m supposed to nominate 15 blogs…unfortunately, I don’t subscribe to that many yet – so I’m going to cheat and nominate my top five:

Twisted Domestic Goddess – if we knew each other in real life, I think we’d be inseparable

The Man of the Minivan – he doesn’t blog often – he is a dad of three (two of which are twins) so I’m not sure when he sleeps – but when he does, I laugh, I nod my head, and sometimes I see things differently…

MyJourneyMyRules – sometimes I think we were separated at birth – we think alike, we have gone through similar situations, and we self-sabotage ourselves the same way…

The Year of Wonderful Weekends – she inspires me AND sent me the coolest postcard from New Zealand…yes, my love can be bought…

JeanDayFriday – because she cracks me up!

Ok, so the next part is a list of 7 things about me (oh Lord):

  1. I talk to myself – even when I’m not alone.
  2. I like to take road trips and long drives for no reason – just so I can listen to the radio.
  3. I like to watch Spongebob as much as Aidan and Sean do.
  4. I think it’s sort of cute that Aidan knows the words to Katy Perry songs.
  5. One day, I want to travel to Ireland.
  6. I don’t know how to swim or ride a bike.
  7. I eat an avocado in some form almost everyday.

So there you have it…apparently, I’m a versatile blogger…

The Power Of…This

Because I clearly don’t have enough to do, I started another blog the other day…before you ask why I didn’t just incorporate that one into this one, and what am I doing, and where am I finding all this time (that’s easy, I have no life), and and and??

I appreciate your you too…but this blog serves one purpose, and the new one serves another purpose – and it’s already working…

This blog has gotten me through a rough year, and everyday I become stronger and more independent and learn something new…and that was the point…and I enjoy using this space to figure out my life “one day at a time…”

My new one? Losing the Final Forty is getting me through the craziness of trying to lose weight (again)…and it’s already working…last night I wrote about some of my issues with food, and reminded myself that I was raised to consider good food an occasion, a special moment in time…right now, I put pure crap in my body and consider it a luxury…?? One blog post later, and it was easy not to swing through drive thru tonight…that’s the power of this, whatever this is…

I’m a talker…I do it for a living (in many forms) and when I’m around other people, I can drive them nuts because I never stop talking…it’s pretty quiet in my house at night (after the boys are in bed, of course)…I guess this is my way of talking to anyone who will listen…my dad used to accuse of me talking just to hear myself talk…he was probably right…and I’m ok with that…

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