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Raising Boys #3 – with video!

I hate to admit this but I am not naturally a maternal person…When both boys were born, I tried to find the least “gooky” spot on them to touch right after they were delivered…I was relieved when they were cleaned up, diapered, swaddled, and THEN handed back to me…Maternity leave seemed like an eternity.  Sad but true…

That being said, I adore my boys.  When Almost Ex first left, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle the boys by myself…thankfully, I’ve actually grown closer to them both.  And I have discovered that I am a Mama Bear when it comes to my boys…do NOT mess with my children…you will regret it.

Sean: “Mom-MEEEEEEEEEEEE” (from the backseat of the car, over and over and over and over again)….

Aidan: “I love you, Mommy! Don’t go, stay with me!!” (at bedtime…every single night)….

They are silly, sweet little boys…and hopefully, I’m not screwing them up too much.

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