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Quietly Freaking Out?

I’m pretty used to feeling stressed…stress from work (temporary, thank God)…chronic stress during my marriage (there was a reason I got a divorce, you know)…but I think I’m experiencing a different type of stress…and the only real indication I have is all of the cheeseburgers I keep eating…

No word vomit in my life…my mind is pretty calm…nothing crazy or majorly negative happening – woohoo, by the way!  Is it the pending move? Is it the fact that finding daycare sucks? Is it that I have to pack up the house and get it moved almost by myself?  Probably…

But it’s strange to show all the signs of stress – sleeplessness, emotional eating, yadda yadda yadda, but no crazy mood swings, no outbursts, no…word vomit…I really am in a pretty decent mood most of the time…is this a sign of maturity?  Am I growing up?

So, because I have to analyze and over-analyze everything – am I just quietly freaking out?  Will the desire for cheeseburgers (and sweet tea, don’t forget the sweet tea!) end once I get the move taken care of?  And then that begs the question, what else will occur that drives me to cheeseburgers (and sweet tea)?

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