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The Benjamin Boys’ Mean Mommy

Bet you didn’t know I’m a mean Mommy, did you?  Yep, that’s me…Mean Mommy.  I wear that title pretty well, and I’m pretty damned proud of it.

Sean ratted me out at daycare this morning.

Sean: “My mommy made me mad this morning.  She made me cry.”

Daycare: “How Sean-Sean?” (Gotta love that everyone calls him Sean-Sean now…)

Sean: “She made me cry because she wouldn’t listen to me.”

This is the same child who ended up at the office in a time out because he was so bad for his teacher today.  Sweet Sean-Sean?  Yes, I know, I was shocked too.

He woke up crying, because Mean Mommy made him get out of the bed and try to use the potty.  Mean Mommy also made him put on clothes, socks, and sneakers.  Mean Mommy gave him a banana for breakfast and couldn’t pull the coveted Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Poptart out of her butt (that’s what happens when little boys get a hold of the Poptarts while Mean Mommy is sleeping on a Saturday morning)…

And that “she won’t listen to me” line?  Straight from Aidan…


Aidan (sobbing): “You aren’t listening to me, Mom!”

Me: “Well, tell me again.  Help me understand.”

Aidan (wailing): “You don’t understand me, Mom!!!”

Me (confused): “Help me understand.  Say it again.”

Aidan (sobbing and wailing): “You just don’t get it!!!  You never listen to me!”

Me (annoyed): “WHAT don’t I get, Aidan?!”

Aidan (sniffling): “I didn’t want pizza, Mom.”

Oh holy hell, really?


Mean Mommy makes Aidan do homework, eat dinner, and shower before watching Netflix (no more cable) or play on his Nintendo DS. Mean Mommy requires that both boys pick up (most of) the toys each evening.  Mean Mommy doesn’t tolerate whining, complaining, backtalk, attitude, lying, and not listening.

I think I like Mean Mommy…


The Benjamin Boys Are Pretty Freaking Awesome

I walked into Sean’s daycare class today…they were practicing shapes.  Sean raced to show me all the stamps on his hand – one for each shape he knew.

I looked at Cute Daycare Teacher…

Me: “He says his shapes for you?”

Cute Daycare Teacher: “Absolutely! And his letters and his numbers! He knows shapes like hexagon – don’t you, Sean-Sean?”

Everyone calls him Sean-Sean now…Lord, the things I start…

Apparently he’s using the potty like it’s nothing, too…we’ll bring the Thomas big boy underwear tomorrow so he can try those out during the day…

We did play a new game in the care on the way to pick up Aidan…I said one letter, and then he said a couple, and then I said the next, and then he said a few more…all the way to Z…we tried it with numbers – he’s still working on those…


Aidan earned Member of the Week for his team at Boys and Girls Club…it came with a nifty certificate and a coupon for Dodge’s Fried Chicken (it’s part gas station – only in the South, baby!)…guess what we’re having for dinner later this week…especially since Friday is fried chicken night?

I was pretty impressed with him…considering two weeks ago he got in trouble for smacking another child in the face…

Aidan: “I didn’t hit him that hard, Mom!”

Right, like the police will one day care that the assault and battery charges being pressed against you are for a beating that wasn’t that hard…


This positive reinforcement thing seems to work, too…Monday night is taco night…

Aidan: “What can I do to help?”

Me: stunned silence…

And then I put him to work…grating cheese, getting the sour cream out of the fridge…hell, y’all he even offered to help take out the trash…wait, what?


Right before I got too complacent, Sean held on to my leg for dear life and cried for 20 minutes while I cooked dinner…Aidan even offered to play with him…but he wanted Mommy…he won, too…eventually I finished cooking, and I picked him up…30 seconds later, he was done with me…


They freaking amaze me, y’all…

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