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Raising Boys #8

I get an education with my boys everyday…some days I get it right…some days, not so much…

Aidan: “Mom, I really don’t like being teased.  I think it’s mean.  Please don’t tease me again.  It makes me sad and I cry.” This was after I made the joke that he better stay in his bed or the sharks were going to nip his toes.  Yeah, I won’t make that mistake again…


Sean: “Da-maw! Da-maw! I wan Da-maw!” Translation: Grandma! Grandma! I want Grandma! This was at 2 o’clock this morning and he had barely slept all night (the same for me, by the way).  I went against every parenting rule I know and put him in the bed with me (and Aidan who had crawled in at 12:30 because he was tired of hearing Sean cry all night).  It didn’t matter.  Sean laid down for five minutes and then popped back up to play and crawl on the bed.  Finally, at 4:00 a.m. I picked him up, took him into the living room, settled into the recliner, and we slept until about 8:00 a.m. And the whole problem was that he wanted his “Da-maw.”


Aidan: “Mom, why are you just so beautiful?” (This one made it to my Facebook page because it was too good.)  Once I regained my ability to speak, I asked why he thought I was beautiful. 

Aidan: “Well, I like your shirt.  It’s a work shirt.  And all you do is work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, WORK!”

Yep, I sure do…


In another effort to make sure I never EVER win Mother of the Year, I gave away my children’s dog this weekend.  Kahlua the Dog has moved to Mississippi for Paw-Paw and Da-maw to find a good home for her.  The other day, I told Aidan we had to have a grown up conversation.  When I explained that I couldn’t take care of her anymore and that because we were moving, she couldn’t come with us, that she was going to Mississippi, this was his reaction: 

Aidan: “Well, FINALLY! She’s been driving me nuts, Mom! She always sleeps in my bed and gets in my way!”

Wait, what?

I still cried when she left.  What kind of mom gives up the dog that her children love?  Sean woke up and looked for her.  That broke my heart all over again.


I hope I’m raising them to be well-adjusted, productive men…

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