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Thanks, Captain Obvious

Here it is, Monday night, and I am still recovering from the weekend…and no, not because it was some wild party (I wish)…the family got together for the weekend…which is always good, but it’s also exhausting…

My family is extremely small…the joke is that if we hadn’t gotten married, we’d be non-existent…ironically, I just wiped out a third of my “family” with one little divorce.  I’m an only child, and several immediate family members have died over the years, so literally, it’s just me, my mom, and my aunt…that’s it. 

My stepfather came with my mom this weekend – which is always good because I learn how to fix something new everytime he comes.  I could have figured out a few things about what’s under the hood of Bubba, but it was nice to have someone point it all out to me…unfortunately for me, I now need to keep oil and antifreeze with me at all times…fun times.

I’ve decided my mother has a type when it comes to men – she managed to find and marry the two most opinionated men on the planet in one lifetime.  First my dad and then about 7 years ago, the Step.  It’s endearing when it’s your father…it’s maddening when it’s not. The Step thinks he’s always right…he’ll even say it out loud…where other people can hear him.

This weekend should have been more celebratory…I’m divorced from someone that apparently everyone who ever loved me, liked me, or even tolerated me didn’t think I should be married to…but no, no celebration…

We had a family council of sorts…trying to figure out Michaela’s problems…which ended up being an hour long conversation where everything that’s wrong in my life that needs to be fixed was listed…with not one solution offered.  When I suggested a solution, it was pretty much argued out of existence…

So basically, it was the most depressing conversation of my life…with no positive outcome, no creative problem-solving, no hope given.  I should feel completely hopeless about my life after that little pow-wow.  Fortunately for me, I’m too busy raising my children and (barely) keeping my head above water to dwell on how miserable I should be…I’ll be miserable some other day…today, I’ve got stuff to do.


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