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Surprising Myself…

I had the best conversation with my mom Saturday night.  Four hours of non-stop talking – we laughed, we cried, we laughed ’til we cried.  It was our first chance to really talk since I split with Almost Ex, went through some major drama, and filed for divorce. You can understand why it lasted 4 hours…if we hadn’t been so tired, we probably would have talked even longer.

In the course of our conversation (and it was all over the place), I admitted that I have a lot of plans for my future.  She wasn’t surprised that I would push myself so hard, but wondered why now.  And I had to admit that now that I’m almost officially single, I have started feeling like the impossible really is possible.

I surprised myself, but not my mother.  She pointed out that in the days before Almost Ex, I was busy-busy, always seeking higher goals for myself.  Maybe that’s why all this activity feels so natural.

For years, I was bogged down in the day-to-day monotony of my life (I take full responsibility on that one) and never could look further into my future than the next paycheck.  Now that I’ve faced the reality that I am the only one who will get me to the life I want to have (and that I want my children to have), I feel renewed.  Nothing can stand in my way. To quote one friend on Facebook, “Life is spectacular!”

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