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The Importance of Music

Anyone who is a friend of mine on Facebook has probably noticed that I post a LOT of music…I love music, it makes me happy.  The right song can either convey my mood or change it altogether…and a great song can make me dance!

Sometimes, I feel like this:

Sometimes, like this:

The songs that make me want to get up and dance (without the aid of alcohol) are usually the ones that would make my mother ask, “Is this music or noise?”

And then there are those songs that just make me happy:

I love love LOVE to dance…in my living room…after the boys have gone to sleep…and no one can possibly see me.  Unless of course, I’ve had a couple of drinks…and then I’ll hit a dance floor and close the place down.  I think I’ve got music in my soul.  Too bad my singing sounds like I’m killing a cat.  I’ll stick with listening and dancing…

As much as I like to dance, though, my taste in music runs the gambit: Rodney Crowell, White Stripes, Michael Franti, Queen, Cowboy Mouth, the list goes on and on…

Music speaks to people (at least it speaks to me)…if you ever need to say something and don’t know how, try music.

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